Water Treatments: Water Softeners and Water Filtration Systems

Water treatments that includes both a water softener system and water filtration plus an under-the-sink Reverse Osmosis system delivers many benefits. In Fallbrook, Oceanside, Vista and Temecula that’s especially true.

Our water here in North County San Diego and Temecula is especially “hard”. That means it contains more minerals than most areas. When left untreated, the hard water leaves film on dishes and faucets. More importantly, the minerals creating that film build up over time inside pipes. The end result is that the mineral deposits cost you money.

Those minerals corrode water pipes, water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. Left untreated, our hard tap water leads to costly repairs and replacements.

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While our tap water generally meets government standards, for most people that’s not good enough. For example, science hasn’t found ways to test for thousands chemicals in our drinking water. That’s why we provide under-sink Reverse Osmosis systems proven to remove the chemicals that can be tested for. Plus, the chlorine used to disinfect our water causes some people skin irritation. So we provide whole-house filtration systems to cost-effectively reduce chlorine.

We offer a variety of water treatment solutions that resolve those issues. Call us! We’re water experts. After asking you a few questions, we’ll identify solutions that best fit your needs and budget.

Water Softener Systems and Water Filtration Systems – The Difference

Water Softener Systems

A water softener system is used primarily to reduce calcium and magnesium. They’re the minerals that make water hard. They leave film residue on dishes, and on everything.

More importantly, that film builds up and corrodes water heaters and plumbing pipes. And that leads to costly plumbing repairs and replacements.

Penguin Water Product Hybrid softener and filtration for whole house
This hybrid water treatment system combines water softener, water filtration and “smart” technology. It is the latest, most innovative water treatment system on the market. It is also made in the USA by a family-owned company. We recommend and install this Penguin water system because it is the most efficient, easy-to-use, and includes the best warranty of any in the industry.

Water Filtration Systems

A water filtration system reduces or eliminates micro contaminates such as bacteria, viruses, lead, copper and most chemicals. All local water districts must comply with government standards on the number of contaminants allowed.

However, government standards and current science does not include testing for thousands of “emerging contaminants” such as cancer-linked PFAS chemicals. So we recommend under-the-sink Reverse Osmosis for drinking water. It also provides fresh, great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Levels of many contaminates such as PFAS actually build up in our bodies. So children and those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable.

Water districts must also use chlorine to disinfect water. That chlorine often irritates sensitive skin.

A good water whole-house filtration system removes the chlorine that can irritate sensitive skin and cause brittle hair. Plus it further filters out micro-contaminates left in tap water.

Babies's sensitive skin can benefit from both a water softener system combined with a water filtration system.
A baby’s sensitive skin will benefit from both a water softener system combined with a water filtration system.

Very “Hard” Water in Fallbrook, Oceanside, Vista & Temecula

It’s easy to find out exactly how many minerals and chlorine are in our tap water. Just click on your water district’s web site listed below and follow the link for their “Consumer Confidence Report” required by the EPA.

Fallbrook Public Utility District

Rainbow Metropolitan Water District

Temecula Rancho Water District

City of Vista

City of Oceanside Water

You’ll find that they all report some of the highest levels of calcium and magnesium in the country. While these minerals are actually good for our bones, they are VERY BAD for our plumbing, fixtures and water heaters. Plus and they leave a milky film on dishes, skin and hair. We can remedy that with our water softener solutions.

Salt vs Salt-Free Water Softener Systems

We don’t recommend salt-free systems unless customers realize that they will not eliminate the minerals that cause hard water. Over time, they may somewhat reduce minerals, but never truly eliminate them.

Some people don’t like the smooth feel of soft water. In that case a salt-free system could be a good match.

Salt-free systems produce great drinking water. But be aware of chloramines, a derivative of ammonia disinfectant in your tap water.  Standard carbon will not sufficiently remove chloramines.

Please call us for a free consultation to establish what you want to accomplish before deciding on a salt or salt-free system.

What is Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration?

Reverse osmosis is a filtration process that provides the highest quality of water used for drinking and preparing food.

As water flows in from the source, the reverse osmosis system pressurizes the it through a filter. That filter retains the inorganic solids from the tap water and flushes it down the drain.

The purified water then passes through the faucet.

Reverse Osmosis Proven Best at Removing Cancer-Linked PFAS

The quality of drinking water is one of the most important factors in our health. Although Fallbrook, Bonsall, Vista, Oceanside and Temecula water passes general EPA and state standards, they do not include testing for thousands of chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other serious health problems.

Reverse Osmosis water helps supports your immune system too. Read more here.

So we provide under-sink Reverse Osmosis that give you the highest quality drinking water .. proven to remove PFAS chemicals that can be tested for.

For example, the Metropolitan Water District, which supplies the most water for our area estimates there are over 7,800 PFAS chemicals. Yet science is available for testing only 45 varieties of PFAS chemicals. The EPA has approved tests for only 25 of those thousands of PFAS.

Duke University Study Reveals Reverse Osmosis Best At Removing PFAS Chemicals

Most Pitcher Filters or Refrigerators Do Not Remove PFAS Chemicals

A recent Duke University study concludes:  not all in-home use drinking water filters remove PFAS. In fact, some carbon filters, if not properly maintained, can even make PFAS worse.

“All of the under-sink reverse osmosis and two-stage filters achieved near-complete removal of the PFAS chemicals we were testing for.”

We Repair and Install Both Water Softener Systems and Water Filtration Systems

Do you already have either a water softener system or water filtration system? If you ever experience problems with them, we can help! In fact, we’re experts in water treatment systems.

We can determine, for example, if it’s more cost effective to repair what you have or invest in a new system. If you have a system that we are unfamiliar with servicing, we’ll tell you. Just call us and describe the problem and the brand or type of system..

We Recommend a Total Water Treatment System in This “Hard”-Water Area

U.S. map shows Southern California has extremely hard water, needing water softeners remove calcium and magnesium

As you can see on the map, we have some of the hardest water in the country. So without an effective whole house water softener system, mineral deposits build up on and inside all water appliances — especially water heaters.

In this geographic area, most people need a total water treatment system – BOTH a water softener system and a water filtration system. We’ve specialized in installing and servicing a variety of water treatment systems for over 30 years.

Over 30 Years Servicing a Variety of Water Treatment Systems

With our years of experience working with water softener and water filtration systems,  we know the types and brands to recommend and install based on your current tap water quality and on your unique needs.

Our team has the skills to properly install and subsequently service a variety of water treatment systems. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

Here are just a few benefits of water filtration and softener systems:

  • appliances last longer
  • lower energy bills
  • fewer repair bills
  • skin softer
  • dishes sparkle
  • clothing brighter

Water Treatment Systems Save Up To 30% On Plumbing Maintenance & Hot Water Energy

Our hard water here in Fallbrook, Temecula and Vista is hard on our plumbing.

Hard water damages pipes and every appliance connected to water. Find out more about our water pipe repair here.

Water heaters, in particular, tank water heaters will not last as long without a water softener — especially not in Fallbrook where our water has the most minerals. Minerals literally eat away at the tank while sitting inside and can cause the water heater to leak, causing even more damage. Read more in this blog.

That means more money for repairs and more frequent replacements. Find out more about our plumbing repair services here.

The minerals in hard water also builds up layers of scale in appliances that are water dependent.

Minerals in Our Hard Water Shorten Life of Water Heaters and Water Appliances

For hot water heaters, even scale the size of a pencil point could increase water heating costs 30%. Since the minerals sit for longer periods of time inside a conventional tank water heater, they build up corrosion and shorten the life of the water heater. Find out more about our water heater repair and service here.

We are experts at water heater repair and installation. We can service, repair or install a new water heater for you. But we won’t need to do that as quickly if you also have a water treatment system installed.

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