Tank vs Tankless Water Heaters – How to Decide

Tank vs Tankless: We’re often asked if tank or tankless water heaters are best. There is no clear answer to that without knowing more about your budget and space.

Bottom line though, a high-quality tank water heater takes up more space, lasts half as long but costs about half as much as a high-quality tankless water heater.

We install, service and repair both tank and tankless water heaters. In fact, we’ve installed, serviced and repaired, more brands of tank and tankless water heaters than any other plumber in Fallbrook, Bonsall, Oceanside, Vista and Temecula.

As you may guess, that’s why water heaters is a huge part of our business name. So we’re able to help you decide which is the most ideal type and size of water heater for your specific needs. No other plumber in the area knows more about water heaters than we do.

Tank Style Hot Water Heater

  • Costs half as much as a tankless
  • Lasts half as long as a tankless
  • Takes up more space
Tank Water Heater

Tankless Hot Water Heater

  • Lasts twice as long as a tank-style
  • Costs twice as much as a tank-style
  • Takes up less space
Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater

It’s a Budget and Space Decision

The choice usually comes down to budget or space limitations.

A tankless water heater costs at least twice as much as a high-quality conventional tank water heater, but it takes up less space and lasts at least twice as long.

It’s really a personal choice and one we’re happy to discuss with you.

We’ll lay out the costs and benefits and drawbacks of each type and you decide.

We Install Both High-Quality Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

We install Bradford White tank-style water heaters and that’s the brand also recommended by Consumer Reports. For tankless water heaters, we prefer Noritz brand.

Best Price Guaranteed for Tank or Tankless Water Heaters & Installation

We even beat big box store pricing for high-quality water heaters. Call now for free quote. 7690-594-1226

Tank vs Tankless water heaters. We installed and service both. Here is tankless water heater installation.

Our expert plumber, Carlos, shows a Noritz tankless water heater installation.

tank water heater is being installed by waterheaters plus

Takes a bit more muscle for Carlos to lift and install this tank-style Bradford White water heater.

Our Hard Water is Hard on Water Heaters

Water in this area, particularly in Fallbrook, is exceptionally hard. The “hardness” value basically reflects the degree of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in our water. The higher the number, the more minerals in the water.

  • Less than 60 mg/L = Soft water
  • 61 – 120 mg/L = Moderately hard water
  • 121 – 180 mg/L = Hard
  • 180+ mg/L = Very Hard

In Fallbrook, for example, water hardness is higher than any other water system in the area. According to FPUD, water hardness in Fallbrook is 205. Rainbow and Temecula water hardness is 119. Vista is 170. And Oceanside is 172.

This old water heater was leaking water and needed replacing. We always drain the water heater before we remove it so much of this goop flushed out while it was draining. This video shows how there can be a lot more to flushing a water heater than just draining it. Watch how much sediment actually came out AFTER it was drained! Call us for a real flush to remove more than just what you normally get from draining! 

Call us for a REAL Water Heater Flush

While these minerals aren’t harmful for humans, they corrode and damage pipes and every water appliance connected to the water system. Tank-style water heaters, in particular, take more abuse because the minerals sit inside the tank for longer periods of time.

Draining and Flushing Water Heaters Helps Lengthen Their Life

Ideally, your water heater needs to be drained and flushed about every six months to a year. We can do that for you as part of a regular maintenance.

this old water heater is leaking sediment because it had never been properly drained and flushed

This old water heater began leaking and needed to be replaced. It had never been drained and flushed.

Just call us and we’ll discuss what’s involved and give you a free quote. Guaranteed to be the lowest cost for high-quality plumbing service in the area.

Water Softener & Water Filtration Systems Help all Water Heaters Last Longer

Want another way to lengthen the life of your water heater? Your water heater will last much longer if your home has a water softener and water filtration system. Find out more about our water treatment solutions.

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