Time-Proven Quality Water Heaters in Stock so You Don’t Wait

When your water heater conks out, you want a new one NOW. Sure, if your old one can be fixed cost-effectively of course we’ll fix it. But if it isn’t worth fixing, it’s time to replace it. And you want one that has a proven track record for reliability.

Ruud is First True Home Water Heater – Quality Built in from the Beginning

That track record of reliability is the main reason I stock water heaters made by Rudd. I need to be able to stand behind the brand of water heaters I install, knowing my customers will be satisfied.

Water Heater Designed and Built for Quality

Edmund Rudd designed and patented the very first true home water heater in 1889.

Ruud continued to innovate and improve his design — always focusing on testing for quality — until his death in 1932.

Antique Ruud Water Heater - Continues to be Highest Quality Water Heater

A testament to Ruud Water Heater Quality — You can often find antique versions similar to this one on sale on ebay!

Rheem Purchased Ruud – Legacy of Quality Water Heaters Lives On

Rheem purchased the Ruud Manufacturing Company in 1959 and continues to innovate. Today’s Ruud/Rheem water heaters are some of the most eco-friendly water heaters on the market. And Edmund Rudd’s legacy of quality lives on.

The Difference Between Rheem and Ruud Water Heaters?

Well, there aren’t many. One is the label attached to the water heater. The other is the warranty.

Rheem comes with a six-year warranty. Ruud offers an eight-year warranty.

Rudd Water Heater made by Rheem

We Deliver Lowest Prices – We Even Beat Big Box Stores Water Heater Costs

That’s right. When you call us for a new water heater, you’ll know you’re getting the best price for the highest quality.

Ten-Year Warranty on Our Workmanship

You can’t beat our warranty. We stand behind our work with the best warranty of any plumber in the area. Products carry their own warranties of course. But we’ll even handle that for you!

We Handle the Warranty Process for You

When you get the water heater from us, we’ll take care of registering the warranty for you. And if anything goes wrong during the warranty period, we’ll handle that too.

Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating of Any Plumber in the Area

No other plumber in the area has a better satisfaction rating. And we work hard to continue to earn the highest rating.

We’re the Most Affordable Plumber in the Area

If you need more reasons to make us your plumber, check out that page. You’ll learn about my mission to safe you money and reduce your stress when it comes to any plumbing issue.

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