Need Drain Cleaning in Fallbrook, Oceanside, Vista or Temecula?

Clogged drain cleaning is one of our most-often used services. Let’s face it, a clogged shower drain is not a positive way to starts the day. In fact, a clogged sink when shaving is not a great way to start the day either!

plumbing drains cleaning in Fallbrook, Oceanside, Vista and Temecula

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What’s Clogging the Drain?

If your bathroom sink, tub or shower drain is clogged, hair is the biggest culprit. Of course hair mixes with shaving cream, body lotion, toothpaste and numerous other personal care products. Most of these items contain, you guessed it, oil! Naturally, our own body oils add to the mix too.

Guess what else? Mineral deposits! Mostly calcium, iron and magnesium. Unless of course your home or building has a water softener system.

We have the highest mineral contents here in Fallbrook, Vista, Oceanside and Temecula. That’s why we offer water treatment systems that can dramatically reduce mineral build up.

For tips on how to safely unclog a bathtub drain without toxic chemicals, click here.

Another Culprit that Clogs Drains and Sewer Lines: Tree Roots

Find out which tree roots are especially prone to invading pipes and sewer lines here.

More Clogged Drains Today than Ever in Fallbrook, Oceanside, Vista and Temecula

So why are there more clogged drains today than ever before? Water conservation for one thing. All our new water appliances like dishwashers and washing machines and toilets are designed to save water. So there’s no longer a big gush of water to clean out a main drain.

We take shorter showers to save water. And we have dryer skin because of our low-humidity climate. So the combination of less water and more oil in our personal care products to combat dry skin is a recipe for more clogged bathroom sink, shower and tub drains.

Preventing clogs is best, of course. And we have some tips on how to reduce incidents of clogged drains. But let’s face it, we can only do so much to keep hair and body lotions and creams from clogging the drain.

We Clean Clogged Drains Without Draining your Bank Account

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