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We guarantee the lowest-cost for the highest quality plumbing in Fallbrook, Bonsall, Oceanside, Vista and Temecula. We’ll prove it to you. Just call us for a free phone quote on any plumbing issue.

You’ll find out you’ll not only save money, you will also not need to stress over plumbing issues. That is the heart of our mission statement.

Our mission is to help reduce your stress and save your money regarding any plumbing problem …

We’re the best and most affordable local plumber to fix any plumbing problem. That’s also because we’re the only licensed plumber in the area that gives you ALL these benefits:

That’s right! Just call and tell us your plumbing problem and we’ll give you a free quote on the phone. We’ll beat any qualified licensed plumber’s quote for the same high-quality work. Heck, we’ll even beat any big box price on water heaters for the same high quality.

Have you heard of any other licensed plumber, or for that matter any other service provider, giving you a ten-year warranty on their labor? I haven’t! We stand behind our work. All products carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

Not many folks get around to submitting those warranty cards. We want to make life as low stress and no hassle as possible for our customers so we submit the manufacturer’s warranty. When you call us, we’ve got your back!

Some business say that. We really mean it. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We’re your neighbors. Word gets around in this village of Fallbrook — and throughout the neighboring areas too. We keep our word.

We’re proud of earning Angie’s List Service Awards for three years running. It’s not an easy feat to keep every customer happy. It takes consistently meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations. I never lose sight of that fact.

We know your time is valuable so when we schedule your appointment time, we intend to keep to it. Of course sometimes a call ends up taking longer than expected, especially if we weren’t fully informed of the nature of a customer’s problem. On the rare occasion that happens, we call you as soon as we realize we might have a time crunch.

Most Affordable Plumber and Owner Dale Anderson stands beside his well-stocked Waterheaters Plus Plumbing van. On the other side of him is a large tool to clean out drain pipes.

With over 30 years experience solving plumbing problems

I’ve most likely seen your specific plumbing need or problem before. If I’m not the best one to solve it for you, I’ll let you know. If I know and trust a local business that can fix it for you, I’ll tell you.

I know very well when you call a plumber, you have a plumbing problem that you need fixed quickly.

That toilet that’s backed up or sink that’s clogged creates some stress in your life. You don’t have the time or the interest in hearing about the plumbing trade. I’m there to fix the plumbing problem as quickly as possible so you can get back to your life. Bottom line: I’m there to reduce your stress.

I figured that out when I was a kid, helping in my dad’s plumbing business here in Fallbrook. I’d see the relief on our customers’ faces after we’d cleaned out their drain or sewer line plugging up the toilet or kitchen sink. They looked so happy!

It made me feel like a, well, really like a hero! And what kid doesn’t want to feel like a hero?

So how do you benefit from my “hero” complex?

Plumbing Problems in Pipes = Artery Problems in Homes in Fallbrook, Vista, Oceanside & Temecula

Yeah, I know. A plumber is no superhero. But I do feel a bit like a house doctor. All those water pipes, sewer pipes, and gas pipes that run throughout our homes are similar to the arteries in our bodies. Every toilet, tub, shower, sink, garbage disposal, water heater, and plumbing fixture attached to those pipes are a bit like our limbs. When one of the limbs stops functioning properly, it could be a sign of something more serious in our arteries. Or it could just be an annoyance you could fix yourself if you have the time and a little plumbing know-how.

Saving Your Money & Lowering Your Stress = Bottom Line of My Mission Statement & Your Key Benefits

OK, now back to our Mission Statement above. Wow, that’s a long mission statement at the top of this page!

But that’s what I intend to do with this website. It’s an extension of my business, a way to share some plumbing tips about plumbing.

The #1 TIP: Find your main water shut-off valve!

Tip#2: Find out about “emerging contaminates” that cannot yet be scientifically measured in tap water – like the 7,800+ PFAS cancer-linked chemicals.

Plumbing Problem Prevention Lowers Stress and Saves Money –

I’m here to share some of that plumbing know-how. (If you’ve ever thought of tackling a DIY faucet replacement, for example, read this post.) Even more important than knowing how to fix plumbing problems, is knowing how to prevent plumbing problems in the first place. So I’m here to share some plumbing problem prevention tips too.

Sure, I still feel good when I see the stress relief on my customers’ faces after I’ve cleaned out their clogged drain or repaired or installed a new hot water heater. I know they’re looking forward to taking a hot shower again. And by golly, I was there to make that possible. (Read more about our water heater repair and installation.)

But as I’ve matured, I have more long-term values. I’ve seen first hand how customers could have prevented some of the plumbing problems they’d frantically called me to fix. I don’t feel as good knowing that in some cases they could have saved money and not had to experience the stress of a clogged toilet or sink.

And it’s frankly a bit tricky to share prevention tips just after fixing a plumbing crisis. After all, I don’t want to come across as a plumbing know-it-all giving a lecture. Read the latest news about the plumbing problem that’s costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Not everyone has heard the latest about it.

We Care About Our Customers’ Health and Well Being

We care about people, not just those who are our customers. Of course we value our customers. That’s why you see our 5-star customer satisfaction rating. Even if you’re not one of our customers, we still want to share any knowledge we have that can benefit you and your loved ones.

That’s one of the reasons we research water quality and contaminates that can jeopardize your health.

We keep up on the challenges facing tap water quality and the best solutions. Very few plumbers know as much about water treatments, and the risk of health issues related to the thousands of contaminates that cannot yet even be scientifically measured.

It’s also one of the reasons we provide water treatment systems like under-the-sink Reverse Osmosis. It’s the only scientifically proven method to remove the most “emerging contaminates” like cancer-linked PFAS chemicals. We keep up on research for the best way to remove contaminates such as PFAS chemicals. You can read more about PFAS chemicals in water supplies here.

Most Affordable Local Plumber Because We’re More Experienced Solving Plumbing Problems

With more than 30 years under my belt as a plumber, though, I have seen most every plumbing problem you can imagine. So I’ve accumulated quite a bank of plumbing problem prevention tips to share with anyone interested in lowering stress and saving money (read more here on how to save money by extending the life of water heaters and other water appliances with a water treatment system) when it comes to plumbing issues.

So right after scanning the benefits above, you might want to check out our page on general plumbing services we offer in Fallbrook and neighboring areas here.

But if you don’t see your specific plumbing issue on those pages, call us anyway because we’ve likely just overlooked specifically addressing it on our website. Or if it’s not something we’re familiar with, we may know a local business to refer you to.

Call Me 760-594-1226 for ANY Plumbing Problem – I’ll Prove I’m the Most Affordable Plumber!

Naturally, like most everyone, I need to make money at my business to support my family. So this website is also my introduction and invitation to you to call me whenever you do have a plumbing problem. That’s what I’m here for!

Bottom line: OK, I know I’m not Clark Kent ready to go into the phone booth and morph into Superman. But I am here to help you! So please call me!

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