If You’re Noticing Low Shower Water Pressure in Fallbrook, Temecula, Oceanside or Vista, Try This

You may be able to easily fix low shower water pressure yourself. So before you call a plumber, try this first.

Remove the Shower Head and Clean It

Minerals can build up on the outside and inside of shower heads, leading to low shower water pressure.
Minerals such as calcium and lime can buildup outside and inside the shower head. That can cause low shower water pressure.

If the Shower Head is Too Tight to Unscrew …

Turn the shower head counter clockwise to unscrew it. If it’s too tight to turn by hand, use an adjustable set of pliers or wrench. To prevent damaging the fittings, first cover the connecting nut with a cloth. Then tighten the wrench or set of pliers around the cloth. Finally, turn counter clockwise and remove the shower head.

If it still seems too tight, do not risk breaking a fitting. Chances are the minerals and/or rust may be locking it in place. If so, use a commercial brand of rust, calcium and lime remover and brush it on. Let it sit for whatever time the product calls for. Then use a wire brush to brush it off.

If it still does not remove easily, spray a lubricant on such as WD-40. Note of caution here about lubricants. If you have natural stone nearby, be extra careful not to allow the oil to meet the stone. Otherwise, the oil could discolor the natural stone. Allow the lubricant to sit on the nut for a couple of hours. Then turn it counter clockwise to remove the shower head.

After Removing the Shower Head …

Look inside the shower head. Usually, you’ll find a screen there. Look carefully to see if the screen is clogged. There may also be a plastic insert with small holes inside. Remove the screen and/or plastic insert. You can leave out the screen and/or plastic insert to increase water pressure.

After removing the screen and/or plastic inserts, you may see mineral deposits remain inside. If so, soak the shower head overnight in a bowl of white distilled vinegar.

Then Replace the Shower Head

Simply replace the shower head by screwing it back on clockwise.

If You Still Have Low Shower Water Pressure …

Once you have cleaned and replaced the shower head, what if you still have low shower pressure? Then, the low shower water pressure likely stems from a faulty water pressure regulator.

High Mineral Content in Our Tap Water Means Higher Build up in Shower Heads and Other Water Appliances

Our tap water throughout Fallbrook, Bonsall, Vista, Temecula and Oceanside has some of the highest mineral content in the state. You can read the about the mineral content in each area by clicking on the water district below.

You Can Prevent Mineral Deposit Build Ups

A water treatment system will prevent minerals from building up on and inside shower heads. In fact, it will prevent minerals from building up anywhere your water comes in contact. Read more here about the benefits of our water treatment systems.

We Can Solve Any Low Shower or Other Water Pressure Problem

Before we tackle any plumbing issue, we always check your water pressure regulator first. Why? Because the water pressure regulator is often the source of or contributes to the problem. Read more here.

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