A tank water heater typically lasts on average ten years. However, It depends a lot on these four things:

  • Quality of the water heater
  • Chemistry (minerals) of tap water
  • How often its used
  • How often its maintained (drained)
How long does tank water heater last? All these old water heaters on their way to be recycled lasted an average of ten years.
Old water heaters on the way to be recycled after we replaced them with new water heaters. On average, they last ten years.

High-Quality Water Heaters Such as Bradford White Last Longer

The higher quality water heaters like Bradford White will last longer of course. And in the long run, they will be more cost effective because they’re more energy efficient and you’ll not be paying for installation sooner than necessary. Since they last longer, they’re also better for the environment because there will be fewer to fill up public waste sites.

Consumer reports agrees that Bradford White is one of the best conventional tank-style water heaters currently available.

Our Tap Water is “Harder” Than Most Areas So Minerals Corrode Inside of Water Heaters

The chemistry of the tap water in your area and the quality of the water heate But on average, a tank water heater lasts about ten years. Cheaper models won’t last that long.

Harder Water in Fallbrook, Temecula, Oceanside & Vista Shortens Water Heater Life

In hard water areas like ours in Fallbrook, Bonsall, Temecula, Oceanside and Vista, minerals build up faster than in other areas of the country that have softer water. Those minerals, primarily magnesium and calcium, quickly corrode every water-dependent appliance. Water heaters, especially tank-type water heaters, are especially vulnerable to those minerals. That’s because water literally sits inside the tank. That constant contact causes corrosion.

Water Treatment System Extends Life of Water Heaters

By installing a water treatment system, however, you can extend the life of your water heater. Since a good water treatment system prevents buildup of calcium and magnesium in a conventional tank water heater, you could increase the life of the water heater by a few years. Click here to find out more about our water treatment systems.

How long a tank-type water heater lasts also depends on how much it’s used. The more hot water it needs to generate, the harder it has to work and the more minerals that corrode it.

Draining Tanks Can Help Lengthen Life of Tank Water Heater – But a Tricky Process

Some people ask about periodically draining the tank to help it last longer. It’s a tricky process, hooking up a water hose to drain the hot water. And it’s easy to get hurt. If you’d like us to do it for you, just give us a call! We recommend draining your tank approximately once a year.

Bigger Zinc “Anode” Rod in Tank Lengthens Life Water Heater

The “anode” inside the tank is a component usually made out of Zinc. The corrosion process will choose the zinc over iron. Eventually it will completely corrode away! A water heater with an extended warranty is nothing more than a water heater with a bigger anode rod an a piece of paper to extend the warranty. It may be a good option for some. Sometimes it is even cost effective to replace the anode rod. We will be able to tell if the cost of replacing the anode rod would be a good solution for you.

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