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Gas line installation, inspections and repairs should only be performed by professional plumbers specifically trained and experienced installing gas lines. Otherwise, you risk serious problems.

We’re experts at gas line installation and have that specialized training and experience. And just as importantly, we’re the most affordable high-quality plumbers in Southern California qualified to install and inspect your gas lines.

We’ve Installed, Inspected & Repaired Gas Lines for Over 30 Years

Not only do we have the extensive experience, we also have the best track record. Over our 30+ years in business, we’ve consistently maintained high customer satisfaction. How?

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Our consistent five-star customer satisfaction rating says it all. We’ve maintained that highest rating through Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, and Facebook Reviews.

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Read what one of our recent customers, John in Fallbrook, had to say when he gave us a five-star customer satisfaction rating on Yelp. We installed a new gas line from his gas meter to his home.

If you ever smell gas in your home, exit the building immediately and follow the emergency procedure. Click here if you use propane gas.

Most Common Causes of Gas Line Leaks

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Corrosion is Usually the Cause of Gas Line Leaks

Gas line leaks are usually caused by  corrosion. And that is usually underground gas lines installed before the newer PE material was introduced about 20 years ago.  So if your home is older than 20 years, you may have gas pipes that are more susceptible to corrosion.

When a gas line leaks, you risk a fire, an explosion, or rising levels of dangerous carbon monoxide. Here are a few common causes of gas line leaks:

  • degraded fittings/connections between the gas line and a specific appliance
  • not properly maintaining a gas appliance
  • gas appliance malfunctions

Another common leak is from old appliances or old shut-off gas valves. A damaged fitting caused years of slow gas leakage at this valve for example.

Over 30 years experience with gas Line Installation and Inspection. We will spot a damaged fitting caused by corrosion like this one. It had caused years of slowly leaking gas at the valve before we we called.

Gas Line Installation Requires Precision

The pipes, valves, and meters used to transport gas from your home’s main gas supply line to each gas-powered appliance are called fittings. Connections are the points between the fittings and the gas appliance. Installing the connections and fittings so that they are perfectly aligned to reliably last takes training and skill. An entire field of plumbing, in fact, is dedicated to this critical area. Otherwise, you can easily end up with an installation that eventually leaks gas.

We’ve got the training and experience to do the job right right the first time.

Other Causes of Gas Leaks

Aging Pipes and Fittings

Over time, materials in aging pipes and fittings break down — even when they’re installed by experts. Newer materials introduced twenty years ago are more durable. But still, they haven’t been around long enough to know exactly how they stand up over time.

Gas Appliances Not Properly Maintained

We use our gas appliances often, some of them throughout the day. Eventually the wear-and-will may lead to malfunctions, which in turn can lead to leaking.

Fortunately, you can help extend the life of your gas appliances and help prevent leaks by properly maintaining your gas appliances. How? First, read the manufacturers’ paperwork or search them out on the internet if you’ve lost them. Then visually check the fittings leading from the appliance to the gas line and shut-off valve. If they look corroded, that’s a red flag.

Gas Appliances Sometimes Malfunction

Aging gas appliances can cause problems with the gas line when they malfunction. But even relatively new and properly maintained gas appliances can malfunction. If the source of the problem impacts the normal flow or combustion of the natural gas fuel source, you could have a gas leak.

Reduce the risks of gas leaks. Just call us and we can set up a convenient time to check the gas lines, stop valves and fittings leading to your gas appliances. If anything looks potentially troublesome, we’ll tell you. Then we can fix it before it leads to a leak.

We Can Connect Gas Appliances – Natural Gas & Propane – For You

While most stores offer delivery for gas appliances, few will connect them to your gas lines. Liability is most likely the store’s greatest concern. And rightly so. You risk gas leaks and even your health if the gas stove or dryer isn’t connected properly.

We’re here for you. Just call us and let us when you expect delivery. We’ll be there to connect your appliance quickly and give you peace of mind that it’s done right.

Gas Line Inspections

If your home is older, you may want a thorough inspection to have peace of mind that your gas pipeline is safe.You need an expert at inspecting gas lines and shut-off valve connections.

We’re Experienced Installing, Inspecting & Repairing Gas Pipes & Fittings

We have over 30 years experience installing gas pipes and fittings right. We’re here to help give you peace of mind by inspecting any gas appliance fitting, stop valve and pipe. If you need repairs to any part of your gas line, we’re here to do that too.

For additional SAFETY information and what to do if you smell gas, visit this SDG&E site and call SDG&E at 800-411-7343 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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