What about PEX

Quite often customers ask me for my opinion about PEX pipe and the pros and cons of that type of material. After several lawsuits that were filed against the manufacture of quest piping many people still remain skeptical. Quest pipe was totally different than the material that we see today called PEX. And I must admit I was skeptical for many years after PEX was introduced. But now after many years of repairing pinhole leaks in copper tubing and fittings I feel very confident that PEX is the best choice of material today. In fact I have yet to be called out to repair any PEX. That doesn’t mean that we don’t use copper. There are some applications where copper is the choice material we use. Whenever exterior piping is required, copper is the material of choice. It’s also important to know the thickness of the copper your plumber is using. Always be sure they are using L or K Grade copper. Conclusion: We give PEX a big thumbs up! In a world where quality seems to be omitted from product design we find a product that is actually better than what it is replacing.