Water Heater Repair or Replace

We Service All Types of Water Heaters – Electric, Gas, Tank and Tankless

Not all plumbers have our years of experience with water heaters. Since that was our primary focus for several years, we’ve serviced and repaired a wide variety of brands. So whatever type of water heater you have, we know how to service it and if it’s repairable, we’ll fix it.

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

It depends a lot on the chemistry of the tap water in your area and the quality of the water heater. But on average, a tank water heater lasts about ten years. Cheaper models won’t last that long.

In hard water areas like ours in Fallbrook, Temecula and Vista, minerals build up faster than in other areas of the country that have softer water. Those minerals, primarily magnesium and calcium, quickly corrode every water-dependent appliance. Water heaters, especially tank-type water heaters, are especially vulnerable to those minerals because water literally sits inside the tank. That constant contact causes corrosion.

How long a tank-type water heater lasts also depends on how much it’s used. The more hot water it needs to generate, the harder it has to work and the more minerals that corrode it.

Some people ask about periodically draining the tank to help it last longer. It’s a tricky process, hooking up a water hose to drain the hot water. And it’s easy to get hurt. If you’d like us to do it for you, just give us a call!

The “anode” inside the tank is a component usually made out of Zinc. The corrosion process will choose the zinc over iron. Eventually it will completely corrode away! A water heater with an extended warranty is nothing more than a water heater with a bigger anode rod an a piece of paper to extend the warranty. It may be a good option for some.

Tank or Tankless On Demand Water Heaters – How to Decide

For tankless or on demand water heaters you can’t beat Noritz. However, other brands may perform nearly as well in certain applications.

Noritz is brand we recommend for customers who want tankless water heaters.
For customers who want tankless water heaters, we recommend Noritz for most applications.

The bottom line usually comes down to budget or space limitations. A tankless water heater costs at least twice as much as a high-quality conventional tank water heater, but it takes up less space and lasts at least twice as long. It’s really a personal choice and one we’re happy to discuss with you. We’ll lay out the costs and benefits and drawbacks of each type and you decide.

We recommend and install Bradford White tank water heaters.
For tank-type water heaters, we recommend and install Bradford White. Consumer Reports agrees its the highest-quality brand.

Brands of Water Heaters We Install

For tank-type water heaters, we agree with consumers as reported in Consumer Reports. The number one tank-type water heater is Bradford White. That’s the brand we install. It is nearly tied in ratings with Rheem. We don’t recommend any other brand.

Why Buy Your Water Heater from Waterheaters Plus Plumbing?

First and most importantly, it will save you money to buy your water heater from me. I will beat any big box company when it comes to an out the door price for the water heater and installation.

You will not need to pick up the new water heater and dispose of your old one.  If there is ever a problem with the water heater I supply, I will take care of the warranty process which will include one year labor. An extended labor and or material warranty is available as an upgrade.

Keep it Local, Save Money and Support your Community. Its a Win, Win, Win situation!