Sewer & Gas Line Repair

Sewer Problems and Solutions

Sewer backups and smells can be caused by a variety of issues. Regardless of the cause, we’re experts at solving the problems.

Many of the sewer pipe problems are caused by cooking grease going down drains and building up in the sewer lines. When these cooking fats builds up in the pipe over time, they can cause toilets to overflow and even cause sewage to come out of sinks, showers and tubs. When that happens, it’s more than a mess – it’s a health issue. You can help prevent that problem by not allowing cooking oil to go down your kitchen sink and being cautious about what goes into your garbage disposal.

Other problems, like sewage smells in your home might come from improperly installed fixtures. Every fixture needs a vent pipe and trap. Vents allow sewer gas to safely vent out of the house. Traps provide seals preventing sewer gas from coming out of a fixture that is connected to sewer pipeline. These vents and traps may have been improperly installed or need to be cleaned out. Other times the problem smells emit from the sewer line itself.

When you call us to your home, we’ll investigate the cause of the problem and fix it to your satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Gas Line Problems and Solutions

If you ever smell gas in your home, exit the building immediately and follow the emergency procedures here if you have propane or here if you have natural gas.

Gas line leaks are usually caused by  corrosion. And that is usually underground gas lines installed before the newer PE material was introduced about 20 years ago.  Another common leak is from old appliances or old old shut off gas valves.

If your home is older, you may want a thorough inspection to have peace of mind that your gas pipeline is safe. We’re here to do that. Just call us.