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From Faucet Installs to Complete Re-Pipes, Call Us for All Plumbing Services

No plumbing job is too small or too large for us to handle.

Plumber Dale Anderson Instals New Faucet
Call me “Plumber Dale”. I’m the owner and do most the work. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Here’s a list of typical plumbing jobs we routinely perform:

  • repair or replace faucets (we carry a supply in the van or we’ll install one you’ve already purchased)
  • repair or replace toilets
  • clean out clogged drains
  • repair or replace tub and shower fixtures
  • replace sinks
  • repair or replace garbage disposals
  • repair or replace hot water heaters
  • fix leaks
  • repair or replace water circulation units
  • install water regulators

“Typical” Service Call Pricing?

We offer the most reasonable prices for high-quality plumbing services you’ll find. We’re often called to clean out clogged drains, for example. Drain cleaning ranges from small sinks, bath tubs and showers to large sewer mains and start at just $75.00. We always give you an exact quote before we start the job. And we guarantee your satisfaction.

We Never Contract Work Out to Unknown Plumbers

We’re locally owned and operated. Employees are local too. If we’re too busy to get to your job as soon as you need it, we’ll refer you to another local plumber we know and trust. Many of the plumbing services you find on the internet act as agencies, not truly local plumbers.

fallbrook plumber repairs toilet
No plumbing job is too small or large. And our work is guaranteed for ten years.

Re-pipe Portions of Piping or Even Entire Home or Building

Water pipes can corrode and leak. Sometimes, only portions of the pipe need to be replaced. But if the pipe is old and corroded, you may be better off re-piping the entire home before more leaks occur and cause damage.

If your home or structure was built before 1960, galvanized pipes were likely used. Over time, galvanized pipes leach lead and corrode. Even copper pipes can develop pinholes over time, requiring portions of piping to be replaced. Find out more about why you’d consider re-piping parts or even your entire home or structure on our website by clicking here.

Plumber Dale Anderson installs water pressure regulator in Fallbrook
Plumber Dale replaces an old pressure regulator with a new one.  This customer was experiencing a leaky pressure relief valve on their water heater. The valve was actually doing it’s job because the pressure regulator had failed. A pressure regulator reduces pressure on water pipes and water-based appliances, reducing the changes of pipes bursting and helping appliances last longer with fewer repair bills. It also reduces water usage.

Water Pressure Regulators – Why They’re Important

We always check your pressure before we begin any repair in your home. High pressure can be the problem or cause of just about any plumbing issue.

Pressure regulators have about the the same life as a water heater. So it’s always a good idea to consider replacing it when installing a new water heater. Hi pressure and age are the main reasons a water heater fails. Keep in mind that when a pressure relief valve is old it will leak and usually need replacing as well. So I usually recommend and install a Wilkins double union regulator whenever I change one out. Wilkins has a reputation for quality and good customer service.

We Guarantee Our Work for Ten Years

While any product we install carries that specific manufacturer’s warranty, we guarantee our workmanship for ten years. Anything goes wrong that’s due to our workmanship within ten years, call us. We’ll fix it at no cost cost to you. That’s our commitment to quality workmanship and service. Of course we plan to do it right the first time though!

Water Filtration and Water Softener Systems too

We service most types of water filtration and water softener systems. The type and brand we recommend and install depends on your tap water quality, your unique needs and your budget. You can find more here on our website by clicking here.

Ask Me What Brand Names Are Best Before You Buy

Due to various water conditions and the quality level of components used by manufacturers, some products just don’t last very long. Some are built with higher quality materials, others not so much. Even the brass quality changes depending on the manufacture. Typically the darker the color of brass the higher quality. Next time you are in a home improvement store take a look at the different brass products offered. Because of this I am only able to offer a 10 year warranty on myself!  However, I can suggest products that have a good reputation and track record.

Please ask me before you buy a new faucet or any other new plumbing appliance! I service these products and know which ones have the best track record for quality. I’m here to help. Just call me!