Old Water Heaters

We take away your old water heater
We take away your old water heater. Its metal is recycled and not placed in landfills.

My customers often ask what I do you do with their old waterheaters. I suppose the question comes up because they wonder why we are charging a $25 disposal fee. We take old water heaters to my shop and store then there for a week or two until I have a large pile of scrap waterheaters ready to take to the scrap yard. I usually go to Lee’s iron and metal in Oceanside.

It’s quite a sight to see how they move all that heavy metal around.

It usually takes me a full day to get them loaded up and delivered to the scrap yard. There is a lot of time and effort in the process and the $25 haul away fee helps to pay for that process. And it’s good to see materials going to be recycled rather than filling up our landfills. The other option is to take the water heater back to the plumbing material supplier. They take them as a courtesy to the plumbers who purchased the new water heater and then take them to the same place for recycling.